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Communication: Stop taking the easy way out!

When we want to communicate something to others, one of the most important decisions we have to make after deciding WHAT we want to communicate, is HOW. At a time in our world where people are feeling more disconnected than ever before, how you choose to communicate can either create connection and cohesion or a sense of isolation and despair. Unfortunately, many people make the wrong choice when it comes time to choosing the channel that’s best or most convenient for their audience or what’s most appropriate for the message.


Rediscover the Joy of Reading in this Age of Digital Distractions

I must confess it has been hard – I still have a hundred things to do, and there are just not enough hours in the day to find sufficient time to read. My “To Be Read” pile is getting higher and higher and I wish it was easier to tear my eyes away from my computer and not get distracted by the many apps on my phone. However, I have realized that instead of fighting technology in order to find time to read, it is better to make it an ally. Here is what I do to fit my love for books into my always-online life …