Canadian Institute of Mass Communication



The mission of CIMC is to engage in international collaboration for research and development in Educational Communication technologies, create strategies that keep pace with the contemporary new-media revolution, and meet the diverse learning needs of an ever-evolving global community.

In the field of Distance Education, CIMC partners with reputable organizations in promoting a culture of lifelong learning, building on appropriate eLearning approaches, applying best practices and user-centric focus.¬†Through organizational affiliations, the Institute explores the possibilities of technology-enabled learning, and discovers new opportunities for skills improvement. In the area of developmental communication, CIMC’s mission is to foster international collaboration to facilitate Capacity Building and Technology Transfer.

CIMC has a proven ability to shape responsive pedagogic solutions and exploit relevant technologies to the fullest. The Institute is familiar with interactive learning issues and policies; and is proficient in working with a variety of contents, and delivering suitably to diverse target groups. Professionals associated with CIMC have vast experience with nonlinear instructional design and current convergent web tools and techniques.

CIMC works diligently with its partners to achieve sustainable growth through symbiotic cooperation. Through active associations, the Institute explores possibilities of expanding multifaceted educational communication, and creates timely opportunities for reciprocal transfer of knowledge and skills. The primary objectives are to identify and respond to evolving needs of institutional affiliation; and to initiate and manage collaborative projects in education, research, training and media production.

In short, CIMC fosters international institutional alliances, with the primary objectives of:

  • Identifying and responding to evolving global needs of educational communication
  • Facilitating affordable access to quality education online
  • Managing international projects for capacity building and empowerment
  • Contributing to human resource development in disadvantaged communities
  • Collaborating in educational technology research initiatives