Canadian Institute of Mass Communication


Online Education – INDIA

CIMC is partnering with the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (IITJ) to enhance IITJ’s convergent mass media communication technologies and develop IITJ’s courses for online delivery worldwide. The courses will be developed with a combination of both Synchronous and Asynchronous modes, based on business model, needs, objectives and learner types.

Free ELV Access Online – ETHIOPIA

Through this project CIMC will provide all secondary school students free online access to syllabus based educational content on individual mobile devices via a turnkey end-to-end digital connectivity solution that can be scaled and replicated countrywide particularly in rural and remote areas. The project will provide students online access to educational content for convenient e-learning. Complete Educational Content will be made available to students in original digital format, including all video lessons (originally served via the ‘Plasma TV broadcast’ program), covering the entire syllabus of grades 9-12 for Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Geography, Civics and English, and also incorporating Ethiopian sign language interpretation for deaf students. The videos will be streamed on a secure online portal. Samples of streaming video lessons can be viewed at:

Educational Television Production – ETHIOPIA

Production of 3,702 syllabus-based Educational Television Programs for the Ethiopian Educational Media Agency, covering the entire curriculum of grades 9 – 12 for the subjects of English, Geography, Civics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Business and Technical Drawing. Production includes special ETV lessons for deaf students, incorporating Ethiopian Sign-Language Interpretation. The programs are broadcast from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to Plasma television sets in classrooms in all public high schools across Ethiopia via a Satellite Broadcast Network. Each video episode is accompanied by Teacher’s & Student’s Guides in printed and electronic formats. The transmission is done live across the country.

Media Capacity Building – ETHIOPIA

CIMC conducts practical media training workshops at the Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA), Ethiopia. The cooperation plan addresses Information Exchange & Experience Sharing with Canada in Content Creation, Technical and Broadcast Management, and Overall Organizational Capability.



Principles, concepts and processes of Mass Communication, Print Media, Photo Journalism, Reporting, Editing … and much more.


Application of Artificial Intelligence in the Entertainment industry. Virtual & Augmented Realities. AI as partners in interactive immersive projects.


One-hour course on essential public speaking and presentation skills, presented by renowned speaker and trainer T. J. Walker, best known for his master classes on Communication.


Study at own schedule and convenience.


High quality curriculum and study material.


Courses offered at reasonably low cost.

in Mass Communication

CIMC identifies and responds to prospective needs of global institutional affiliation, and initiates collaborative projects in media education. We represent our international affiliates in partnership negotiations with Canadian universities, and guide overseas students seeking higher education in Mass Communication in Canada.

Primary Objectives

  • Support Canadian institutions in their commitment to internationalization
  • Create new alliances between Canadian and foreign educational institutions
  • Initiate and manage collaborative capacity building projects
  • Facilitate international student and faculty exchanges, and propagation of Canadian courseware
  • Collaborate in international educational research initiatives
  • Partner with public and private enterprises for open and continuing distance education

In fulfillment of its mandate for globalization of media education, CIMC is committed to providing assistance to aspiring international students of Mass Communication. Information about application for studying in Canada is available from IMMIGRATION & CITIZENSHIP, Canada.

The following Canadian universities offer higher education in Mass Media Communication and related programs. (Source: Universities Canada)

Prospective international students are encouraged to explore the academic offerings of Canadian universities, and are welcome to contact CIMC for further guidance and assistance.