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Mistre Ethiopia - 0:56

Trailer of documentary series produced in association with the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication. The project is a part of CIMC’s efforts to positively brand Ethiopia, and build local media production capabilities.

Africology - 2:17

Trailer of TV series about African music, lifestyle and culture. The program seeks to fuse the gap between continents and cultures through entertainment, large-scale event organization, social awareness and philanthropy.

TEDx Talk - "Help Your Self" - 18:05

Séan McCann is a singer-songwriter, and mental health & recovery advocate. After exiting ‘Great Big Sea’ and publicly admitting a secret past where he used alcohol to mask the pain of sexual abuse by a priest, Séan found the courage to face his truth and overcome his demons.  Go to direct TEDx link.

TEDx Talk - "Canada's Multiculturalism" - 19:13

Amira Elghawaby, human rights advocate and journalist, shares her experiences growing up in Canada and drinking the multicultural kool-aid. While she found it in abundant supply in her youth, she finds its running dry now. She argues that each of us should become diversity champions and help renew the supply. TEDx link.

Video Gallery 1 / 4