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Trailer of a documentary about Belachew Girma, Ethiopian laughter teacher, the “World Laughter Champion” since 2008 when he set the world record for the longest laugh at three hours and six minutes. In 2010, he opened the first donated African laughter school in Addis Ababa , saying “laughter is the best medicine, but without the side effects”. 

Merkhana - Leaves of Paradise - 2:52

Trailer of documentary filmed in Ethiopia, unveils the journey of ‘Khat’ (also known as ‘Chat’), a plant leaf that induces euphoria, and which has been chewed and enjoyed socially for centuries in the horn of Africa. From its origins, cultivation, trade and consumption, the film explores Chat’s social impact and the economic force that it has come to represent as the biggest cash crop in Ethiopia today. Filmed by Jessica Beshir.

Running Against the Wind - 2:23

Trailer of an authentic heart-warming feature film about the story of a friendship, inspired by true events. It shows in a socio-critical manner that anything is possible when nothing is sure. Directed by Jan Philipp Weyl.

Andrew Haydon Park (Aerial) - 1:55

Picturesque Bird’s-eye view of  Andrew Haydon Park, Ottawa. Drone operation by Dines Anandavel. Watch in FULLSCREEN for HD quality.

Video Gallery 2 / 4