Canadian Institute of Mass Communication

MEDIA PORTFOLIO  |  Video Gallery 2/4

Fulcrum - 0:37

Talk show produced by the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication, dedicated to creating a better future by building an understanding of emerging social and technological ideas.

Schizophrenia - A Reality Check - 1:41

Educational documentary  presents some  pertinent facts of the case of Vincent Li (the “Greyhound bus beheader”), offering an unbiased and comprehensive understanding of Schizophrenia and associated disorders.

Lion's Den - 1:42

The Lion’s Den program at Willis College helps students learn about entrepreneurship in a highly practical manner, exposing them to leading business figures in their community. It’s the ideal preparation for those who hope to someday embark on business ventures of their own.

Grafton - 7:12

Testimonials by participants of the GraftOn-SST High Performance Team Building course which trains professionals to be more engaged and develop stress management skills and ability to communicate strategically.