Canadian Institute of Mass Communication

Meet the Team at the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication
Santosh Shail
SANTOSH SHAIL has over 35 years’ international experience in educational content creation for distance education, providing ICT expertise in a range of applications, including on‐line Learning Management Systems, synchronous as well as asynchronous. He has comprehensive experience in production of broadcast media in the genres of  educational television, documentaries, public service announcements, News, telefilms and corporate publicities. He has worked on international development projects for the World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF and WHO. He has served as Educational Media Consultant for the Indira Gandhi National Open University, India, and the Commonwealth of Learning, Canada. Santosh received the 2007 ‘International Media Achievement Award’ in India, in recognition of his accomplishments in global education projects, and for enabling capacity building in developing communities in India and Ethiopia.
SYLVAIN ROCHON is a solution-focused speaker, author, futurist and entrepreneur who specializes in educating professionals, decision makers, and politicians on how to use artificial intelligence to improve our society and economy. He is responsible for identifying appropriate Learning Management Systems for projects with global partners such as the Indian Institute of Technology, where he is also a technology advisor. He has been featured in Digital Trends, TechTarget, World Future Society, Entrepreneur’s Organization, Master Entrepreneur International, The Startup, Becoming Human, and more. Sylvain is a certified Master Entrepreneur Coach Facilitator, a delegate at World Future Society, and CIMC’s Lead Investigator for international research undertakings.
KHATERA AKBARI, a Chartered Professional Accountant, is currently an executive in the federal public service after having spent several years of her career in the private sector and on Parliament Hill. In addition to her federal career, Khatera focuses on professional training and development, optimal communication strategies, public speaking and change management. In this capacity, she is a member of the Board of Directors for the Financial Management Institute (FMI) and a facilitator for the Canadian Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPAO). Khatera is also active in the community and volunteers with several organizations including the United Way and the Paul Martin Mentorship Program.
SAM LANFRANCO, Prof. Emeritus & Senior Scholar at York University, Toronto, is a development economist with a PhD in Economics from the University of California at Berkeley. He has taught for over 50 years, with breaks to work for the UN, the World Bank, and with various national and non-governmental development organizations. His work focuses on three areas: (1) the rights and duties of digital citizenship in the Internet ecosystem, and the integrity of digital governance, business, and social media practices; (2) Director with the Society for the Advancement of Science in Africa (SASA); and (3) Advisor to the Mumbai based Ambedkar Centre for Justice and Peace (ACJP). Sam’s work is guided by a quest for greater social justice and the belief that “We can get there from here” by engaging all stakeholders and asking the right questions about context, expertise, knowledge, and technology, as much as by having access to resources.
Alexandra Keenan
ALEXANDRA KEENAN is a Public Speaking Coach and founder of Stage Light Communications. She has vast experience as featured speaker, and also conducts career enhancing workshops on Team Building and Leadership Development. She works with businesses, professionals and change makers who recognize that public speaking is a crucial tool for success. With a deep understanding of how to bridge communication gaps, she helps her clients speak confidently, find the right words, and build a stage presence that is powerfully authentic. Alex also drives the ‘Eloquent Ottawa’ program, a CIMC initiative to provide Public Speech training.
Pascal St-Jean
PASCAL ST-JEAN is a Strategic Advisor on leadership development, team culture building, strategic thinking, and clear operational processes. His long-term vision is to enable accelerated professional growth, and to help organization achieve full potential through leadership development, team culture building, strategic thinking, and clear operational processes. Pascal’s specialties include: group facilitation, executive coaching, scale-up systems coaching, strategic advisory, growth strategies, management and leadership development, team building, and organizational culture.