Canadian Institute of Mass Communication


CIMC identifies and responds to prospective needs of global institutional affiliation, and initiates collaborative projects in Media Education. We represent our international affiliates in partnership negotiations with reputable Canadian universities and colleges, and guide overseas students seeking higher education in Mass Communication in Canada.

Primary Objectives

  • Support Canadian institutions in their commitment to internationalization
  • Create new alliances between Canadian and foreign educational institutions
  • Initiate and manage collaborative capacity building projects
  • Facilitate international student and faculty exchanges, and propagation of Canadian courseware
  • Collaborate in international educational research initiatives
  • Partner with public and private enterprises for open and continuing distance education

In fulfillment of its mandate for globalization of media education, CIMC is committed to providing assistance to aspiring international students of Mass Communication. Information about application for studying in Canada is available from IMMIGRATION & CITIZENSHIP, Canada.

The following Canadian universities offer higher education in Mass Media Communication and related programs. (Source: Universities Canada)

Prospective international students are encouraged to explore the academic offerings of Canadian universities, and are welcome to contact CIMC for further guidance and assistance.